“What are the best moving boxes?”

2018-01-08T20:05:29+00:00January 6th, 2018|

A lot of our customers ask about moving boxes.

“What’s the best kind of moving boxes?” they want to know. They’re concerned about the risk of damage to their possessions during the move and they want to reduce that risk as much as possible.

They also ask, “What do I do with all these boxes after the move?” That’s just as important, especially if you’re moving into a smaller house or office. It seems silly to dump perfectly good boxes into your recycling bin or get rid of them on Craigslist. That’s a waste of good boxes.

But at the same time, you don’t want to fill half a closet with collapsed boxes that you won’t even touch until the next time you move, several years away. That’s a waste of space.

We recommend Rent A Moving Box, an Irvine-based company that rents plastic moving boxes in sizes that are ideal for house and office moves. They deliver the boxes right to your door, ready to pack. The boxes are nested with lids open, so they take up very little space and you don’t have to assemble anything.

You pack them and we move them.

Then you unpack them and call Rent A Moving Box to pick them up. Easy-peasy.

Take our word for it: These people have a great idea when it comes to moving. We like their product for several reasons:

  • Their extra-sturdy boxes are perfect for moving our customers’ china and fragile items.
  • Because their boxes are made of plastic, you can’t crush them the way you can other packing materials.
  • We find that they’re easier for our customers to pack and easier for our movers to stack and move around.
  • There’s nothing to keep or store, so the boxes help shrink your carbon footprint during a move.

Whether you choose plastic boxes or the kind of cardboard boxes and supplies we sell at Maison Moving for your next move. and we can work with whichever kind of box you select.

Still, RentAMovingBox.com is a sensible, low-impact answer to the questions, “Where will I get boxes?” and “What will I do with them after the move?”