We’ve come a long way as Affordable Moving & Storage. Now we’re pivoting so we can go even further as Maison Moving.

Why would we do that? I’ll explain why in this, our inaugural blog post.

But first, let me tell you that we’ve spent the last few months taking a close look at three things every business owner should concentrate on:

1.   Our customers

Did you know that we have almost 300 Google reviews (average 4.9 stars) and more than 300 reviews on Yelp (average 4.8 stars)? And that’s just the online world. Every day in the real world, all of our employees hear our customers say things like “Thanks for being so careful,” “Great work!” and “I’m glad you could move me on such short notice.”

You know why our customers are so pleased to do business with us? It’s because we’re willing to put ourselves in their shoes when it comes to moving their home or business. Our customers see that personal touch, and they see our decades of experience and professionalism, and they know they can trust us. That’s why they post online reviews, tell their friends and call us again every time they move.

2.   Our employees

Another thing we’ve noticed is that many customers remember the names of our employees. “Ian and Cesar were professional and friendly,” they’ll write. Or “Paul and Matthew were incredibly helpful and patient.”

Some of our employees have been with us for 10 or 20 years. They’re a big part of our identity because they know that customer service is about much more than just loading up boxes in one place and unloading them in another.

3.   Our future

Since 1984 we’ve moved more than 60,000 homes and offices. We’re on the path to moving 60,000 more and we want to do it with a new brand.

Like all of California, Orange County is changing, and we’re changing with it. We think that with decades of experience and a strong reputation, we’re one of the top moving companies in the OC.

And we’re going to take our customers and employees with us.

That’s why we’re pivoting from Affordable Moving & Storage to Maison Moving. Maison is my family’s name, of course, and “maison” is the French word for “house,” so it fits very well. Also, when you name your business after yourself – or after your entire family, for that matter – you really lay it on the line.

Our new tagline is “We take your move personally.” Be sure to let me know how we’re doing.