We’ve joined Move for Hunger, a non-profit organization that works with moving companies like Maison Moving to collect non-perishable food items and deliver them to food banks.

We’ve learned an important lesson in moving people since 1984: Most people don’t look forward to moving, but almost everybody looks forward to the chance to get rid of stuff they don’t need anymore.

Unfortunately, we’ve found that that stuff often includes food.

“The largest source of food waste is people in their own homes, who waste more than grocery stores, restaurants or any other single part of the supply chain,” says the Natural Resources Defense Council.

We believe it. Every month, we see people leave behind non-perishable food like soup, canned vegetables, pasta, cereals, tuna, peanut butter and preserves.

“I hate to waste it,” they say, “but I can’t take it to the new place and I don’t know how to donate it.”

We’ve heard this so many times in the more than 60,000 moves we’ve done that I finally decided it was time for Maison Moving to join Move for Hunger.

Move for Hunger helps people find movers like us that will donate any non-perishable food left in a move. Since they were founded in 2009, they’ve collected nearly 9 million pounds of food. That’s a lot of cupboards.

We tell our customers that if they have any non-perishable food they don’t want to move to their new place, we can take it to a local food bank. The food bank weighs it, then lets us know how many pounds we’ve contributed and how many families we’ve fed.

With Move for Hunger we can make it easy for our customers to deal with one less thing when they’re moving. That makes it easy for us to be a mover who gives back.

So when you’re planning your upcoming move and trying to decide what to do with the non-perishable food you can’t take to your new place, keep Move for Hunger and Maison Moving in mind.