With coronavirus (COVID-19) restrictions starting to ease, some people are finally making the move they previously postponed because of concerns about health and safety. Others may have digitally signed a new apartment lease or closed on a home after a virtual showing. Yet others may want to have a family member move in with them indefinitely. Whatever the situation may be, you may have questions about moving during the coronavirus pandemic. We’ve have answers.

Questions and requests we’ve had from customers in recent weeks

  • Confirming your upcoming move: “Are you still going to move me?” One lady called us because she had booked the move with us long before the pandemic. “Escrow is about to close and the new residents are still planning to move in this weekend,” she said. “My utilities are scheduled to be shut off by then and I need to move.” Naturally, we told her yes. Since moving and storage services are an essential business, we’ve remained open and we’re ready to move when you are.
  • Taking safety precautions: “I’m worried about exposing my family to the coronavirus. Will the movers wear masks?” Yes, our movers have been provided masks or neck gaiters and we’re practicing social distancing during your move. We’ve done our homework on safe moving practices and even have a few safety tips for you to follow before, during and after your move. Check out our page dedicated to the safety precautions we’re taking and how we move you during the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Short-term storage: “Our son lives in an apartment in another state. Can you move him out and store everything?” Yes, we can do that. With all the doubt in the air, we understand that people don’t want to make long-term decisions. Instead of moving everything out and having to find a place for it back home, they’re buying time by having us store their belongings in our local storage facility. Once there’s more clarity about how things will play out at school and at work, they can decide what to do with the goods in storage.
  • Partial, short-term move: “Our parents are in a retirement community. We want to move them in with us until this is over. Can you move them?” Absolutely. Many people have been unable to visit retirement homes during this time, so they want to move their parents in with them. Usually, it’s a partial, short-term move of just the parents’ favorite items of clothing and furniture.

We understand this is an uncertain time. Of all the things you’re worried about right now, let’s work together to cross moving off the list. Contact us with your questions and concerns so we can address your family’s specific needs.