Yes, we’re open for business for customers moving during the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19). Like you, we’re wearing masks, washing our hands countless times a day and doing everything we can to move you safely to your new destination. Here’s why we’re an essential business during this unprecedented time and the steps we’re taking to help make your move a safe one.

Moving and storage services are an essential business in the pandemic

Moving companies like ours are in the business of helping people have a place in which to take shelter. By moving people into their next home, Maison Moving provides an essential service in this pandemic, so Governor Gavin Newsom’s stay-at-home order allows us to continue serving our customers.

We’re included in the 16 Critical Infrastructure sectors. The Transportation sector includes “Highway and Motor Carrier” operations involving trucks and commercial vehicles.

While we are still open, it’s definitely not business as usual for us – or for you, for that matter. We’re being extra careful to keep the health and safety of our customers and movers in mind.

We’re taking special precautions

Whether we’re moving you from one residence to another or moving your belongings into our storage facility, we’ve done our homework on safe moving practices. We’re following the preventive steps recommended by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) for containing the coronavirus. They include monitoring the health of our office employees, in-home estimators, drivers and moving crews.

Naturally, Maison Moving is asking employees who feel sick to stay home. Similarly, we ask that you inform us of any changes in your health before your move date.

Please tell us if you’re suffering from flu-like symptoms or have been exposed to someone with flu-like symptoms. If you’ve been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case of COVID-19, or if you’re diagnosed with the virus, please call to cancel/reschedule the move. Make arrangements for someone else to take your place on moving day and ensure the residence has been sanitized.

Here’s how we move you during the pandemic

To be as safe as possible, we are asking you to follow these guidelines:

Before we arrive

  • Be sure to secure medications, important docs and all small valuables prior to the move. You should move such belongings yourself.
  • Please wipe down all surfaces prior to the move.
  • For a partial move, please use bright painter’s tape to tag clearly whatever is going or not going.
  • Our movers may need to wash their hands repeatedly during your move. Please have soap on hand and make available a washing area, such as a ground-floor bathroom.

When we arrive

  • Social distancing is a priority. When we arrive, there’s no need to shake our movers’ hands or greet them too closely. We won’t take it personally.
  • Maison Moving mover with maskPlan to take care of paperwork and signatures at the rear of the truck or in an open area and have your own pen ready. We will make reading and signing the contract as easy as possible. If you have questions, please maintain social distance protocol of at least six feet.
  • As in the photo, our movers have been provided masks or neck gaiters. We recommend that you also wear a mask, gaiter or other covering for your nose and mouth.

During the move

  • We’ve instructed our movers to be courteous yet limit conversation to the particulars of your move — at a social distance and preferably outdoors. Don’t take it for rudeness or poor customer service. Conversely, we won’t take it as rudeness when you limit conversation.
  • We understand that you want to keep an eye on the move; in this case, it’s best if you remain out of the building while our movers work. Ask them to set up a chair for you at least six feet from the truck so you can monitor the loading and unloading processes. If you want to go inside every half-hour or so and check our progress, let us know and we’ll step out.
  • At the new location, tag rooms A, B, C, D, etc. Then, from a spot near the truck, give the movers instructions as to where to place items inside the building.

After the move

  • You’ll need to sign the contract again, so be sure to keep your own pen handy.
  • Once the job is finished and our movers have left, wipe down all surfaces for your protection and peace of mind.

We get it – it’s not exactly ideal to move during a pandemic. We’re doing our part to not only take the stress out of moving, but also minimize health risks to our customers and our movers during these uncertain times. If you have any questions leading up to, during or after your move, just give us a call.

We look forward to moving you

Since 1984 we’ve moved over 100,000 homes and offices. Moving in a pandemic is new for us, but we’re confident that we’re prepared. In fact, we’re already getting favorable reviews on our mid-pandemic moving practices.