Protecting carpets, floors and doors is one of the most important things we do at Maison Moving.

Your entire move can go perfectly smoothly, but if your movers accidentally bang into your door jamb or scratch your newly refinished floor, that’s what you’ll remember.

And I don’t blame you a bit. If you spend a few months’ salary on a remodel, a flooring upgrade or wool carpets, you’re going to be careful, and you want people who enter your home to be careful, too. As it is, you’re nervous about moving. Who wants to spend moving day stressing out about potential damage?

What customers ask us

Here’s what we hear from our customers in Orange County and across Southern California:

  • “I have brand-new carpeting. How are you going to protect it during the move?”

Whether it’s the place you’re leaving or the place you’re moving into, you don’t want any damage to walking surfaces. Stairways and entry halls are usually the most susceptible to damage because they bear so much traffic.

That’s why our crews put down special fabric during the move, as shown in this photo from a move last month:

The fabric won’t tear no matter how many movers are walking on it, nor how many dressers, appliances and desks they’re moving over it. It’s the best way we’ve found to avoid marring carpets and leaving tread marks from footwear.

Also in that photo you can also see how we cover the bannister with a blue protector.

  • “The refrigerator barely fits through the front door. How can you make sure you don’t leave any dings in the door or door jamb?

Moving day is when you find out how many things you own barely fit through your doorway. Over the years, we’ve perfected the practice of wrapping doors and padding door jambs with protective pads to eliminate accidental collisions between your dryer and your front door, for example. Here’s how the pads look:

You can also see the floor protector we’ve rolled down the hall over the new floor.

By using the pads, we don’t have to slow to a crawl every time we carry something through your door, and you don’t have to fret about dings and chipped paint.

  • “Can you wear cloth booties when you come in, like the carpenter and the man from the gas company?”

We wish we could, but booties are unsafe, especially on new floors. They aren’t a problem when you have a toolbelt or a toolbox that weighs only a few pounds. But when you’re lugging a stove or an antique walnut credenza, you need full, shoe-to-floor traction or you’re liable to slip. The floor protectors let our movers maintain their sure footing without scuffing your floors or marring your carpet.

Over the years of moving more than 60,000 homes and offices we’ve perfected methods like those to reduce the stress of moving. They’re just a small part of how we take your move personally.